Why I do what I love

I started in the real estate business in 2014 as a part time office manager. It didn’t take long for me to discover my passion for all things real estate.

Before that I had dabbled in real estate by purchasing my own property and selling it after a few years of renting it out and acting as the property manager. It was stressful and I delt with many “professionals” that didn’t seem to really have my best interest in mind. I would never wish that feeling on anyone and realized I could be the change I wanted to see in the industry.

After working my way up the ranks on the office side of things to becoming the franchise manager for my firms three offices, I decided to study to become a broker. After I received my license I worked with other agents in my firm for a year as a transaction coordinator to learn as much as possible before deciding to become a full time agent, 100% of the time.

I LOVE REAL ESTATE and everything about it! I am constantly learning different things from the people I meet to new laws and legislation being passed. My constant drive to learn more, work hard and always make sure my clients are #1 sets me apart from others in my field. My favorite part of my job is helping my clients achieve their real estate goals.